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First Parish Court Judge, Div. B, Jefferson Parish


Bryce Murray For Judge Parish Court

Bryce4judge committee

Bryce Murray for Judge Parish Court is excited about the upcoming Primary Election on Nov. 4, 2014 and hopeful that everyone from Metairie, Kenner, River Ridge, Harahan and Jefferson Parish comes out to vote.

Bryce Murray for Judge in First Parish Court in Jefferson Parish, Metairie, Louisiana 

Bryce Murray is seeking the office of judge of former First Parish Court Judge George Giaccobe in the Jefferson Parish court of First Parish Court in Metairie Louisiana.  The First Parish Court primary election is scheduled for November 4, 2014 and will allow voters from unincorporated Jefferson Parish, Kenner, Harahan, River Ridge, Metairie, Old Jefferson, Old Metairie, and Bucktown to elect a new judge for First Parish Court.  Bryce Murray for judge for First Parish Court is seeking to replace Judge George Giaccobe and become a new Metairie court judge handling all matters presiding before the Eastbank Jefferson Parish Court on David Drive.  The Primary Election set for November 4, 2014, will elect one candidate for judge in Division B of the First Parish Court.  The candidates for the First Parish Court Judge seat are of course, Bryce Murray for First Parish Court, Monique Lafontaine, Johnny Lee Jr., Stephen Petit, Pat Rooney, Troy Broussard, and David Wolff.  Bryce will run his campaign for First Parish Court against Monique Lafontaine, Johnny Lee, Jr., Stephen Petit, Pat Rooney, Troy Broussard and David Wolff.  

Bryce murray for judge parish court Bryce murray for judge in metairie Bryce murray for judge election

Bryce Murray for Judge Parish Court

Bryce Murray For Judge Jefferson Parish Court

First Parish Court is located in Metairie, Louisiana and can be accessed via website at First Parish Court or First Parish Court Metairie or the Clerk of Court for First Parish Court.  Bryce Murray for First Parish Court hopes to replace retiring Judge Giaccobe and become Jefferson Parish's new judge for First Parish Court elected in the November 4, 2014 primary against Monique Lafontaine, Johnny Lee, Jr., Stephen Petit, Pat Rooney and Troy Broussard.  Bryce Murray is a republican candidate in Metairie Jefferson Parish running for First Parish Court primary election.  Bryce Murray for judge parish court elections are set for November 4, 2014 and with the support of the community Bryce Murray for judge metairie will be excited to take the open first parish court judge seat and join judge Rebecca Olivier as judge.  The voters will elect Bryce Murray for judge parish court from the Eastbank of Jefferson Parish,  including the cities of Kenner, Harahan, River Ridge, Metairie, Old Jefferson Old Metairie, Bucktown, and unincorporated jefferson parish.  

Bryce Murray For Judge Parish Court


Bryce is the only Candidate for First Parish Court that is taking politics out of our judiciary.  No more undue influence, appearances of bias or favors owed!  

  • Bryce's campaign committee is not accepting any donations or money from lawyers,.  

  • Bryce has refused to seek and accept "Affidavits of Support" from lawyers.

  • Bryce also owes NO favors to any political machine or politicians. 

Bryce has the knowledge and intelligence to understand and rule appropriately on any matter brought before him as First Parish Court Judge.

  • Bryce graduated in the Top 5 percent of his class at Loyola Law School.

  • Bryce graduated as a Crowe Scholar and Magna Cum Laude from Law School with Law Excellence Awarded to him for his studies in Advanced Criminal Law and Labor Law.

  • Bryce attended the prestigious Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania and graduated Cum Laude with honors and a thesis and as a McKelvy Scholar. ​

Bryce is the only Candidate that has evidence that he is a great lawyer and will be a great First Parish Court Judge.

  • Martindale-Hubbell, the foremost experienced entity in reviewing lawyers, honored Bryce at 32 years old with the rating of AV-PREEMINENT.  AV-PREEMINENT is the highest possible rating given to a lawyer.  Martindale-Hubbell's review process entails surveying dozens of lawyers who have practiced with or against Bryce, as well as judges that Bryce has appeared before.  Their rating evaluates a lawyer's ethics, good judgment, and knowledge of the law.

  • Bryce has been rated by SuperLawyers three out of the last four years. 

  • Bryce was voted "Best Attorney" in Jefferson Parish by JeffLife Magazine in 2010.  

  • Bryce was listed as a "Leader in Law" by CityBusiness Newspaper in 2010.  CityBusiness selects 50 lawyers per year as Leaders in Law.  

  • Bryce has a "10 out of 10-Superb" rating from and has maintained such for years. 

Bryce is the only Candidate that has routinely dedicated his time, selflessly, to improving the quality of life in Jefferson Parish.  

  • Former Board Member and retained legal counsel of Jefferson Dollars for Scholars.**

  • Founding Member of Jefferson Chamber Foundation Academy**

  • Former Board Member, retained legal counsel and Executive Member of Jefferson Chamber of Commerce**

  • Retained legal counsel for certain legal matters for New Orleans Crimestoppers**

**Jefferson Dollars for Scholars, New Orleans Crimestoppers, Jefferson Chamber of Commerce, Jefferson Chamber Foundation Academy are non-profit entities that Bryce has previously handled legal matters, consulted on law related items, or been a member or board member. Their listing on any publications should not be viewed as an endorsement for Bryce Murray as a candidate for Judge of First Parish Court.


Our Firm's Webpage will be back up and Running in the next few Days.  It was a great experience. Wish we could have WON, but alas, with six candidates and one open seat five of us will remain attorneys.  if you need any legal assistance, please call (504) 383-3246 and leave a message.